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YOUTUBERS EXPOSED AS BAD PARENTS? | Megan Leigh & Anthony Morrison — 61 Comments

  1. The baby part with Anthony rocking the baby back and forth and not supporting the neck made my hand cover my mouth 😱…..

    • Do you guys think they maybe literally injured him somehow at his neck/head (he also bumps his head into stuff all the time or gets hurt by Meg) and that‘s why he still doesn‘t talk? He doesn‘t even babbel. I‘m afraid he is lagging development, he seems to not behave at all like other kids his age

  2. I honestly feel like she’s happy knowing Bella lives in California and not in Jersey close to Anthony. That way she can have her own little family.

    • @Linda Cantoni I used to love her. I’ve seen her go on such a downward spiral since she moved out on her own and Anthony moved in. I mean that in regards to her mental health and self esteem. She used to be my favorite but she’s so disingenuous now and miserable that I can’t stand to watch her. I will try and can’t get through her vlogs

    • @L Kno yeah me too, I used to enjoy her channel back in the days, BUT now, no girl, not interested at all. I dont even know how she has so many subs?

    • @crystal castillo I don’t think they’re moving to Jersey. I think they are moving to the East coast to a state closer to them than Ca

    • Yup sadly she was in love with the idea of being pregnant but doesn’t show any affection to kayden at all she’s in love with ideas of being a wife and this whole picture perfect family that she allows Anthony to treat her like shyt and cheat

    • @Guru Mama Mad props for watching all if these posts on her channel in order to make your posts. I couldn’t have done it

  3. “Are you prepared for the day Bella says she wants to come live with you?” Sure, because a little girl who has spent her entire life with her mom and her mom only is totally going to want to be sperated from her so she can move across the country to live with her pos father and the psychotic woman he abandoned her for. Are these people seriously this dumb to believe that? 🙄 Even if Bella wanted to go live with them, I highly doubt her mother would allow it, so they can keep dreaming and living in that sad fantasy world they can’t seem to escape from.

  4. dang i used to watch this girl all the time…i totally forgot about her. but bella wasn’t even talking in the car clip…she just made a little noise and megan seemed so irritated by it! it really wasn’t that serious the little girl made a tiny peep. wow. sad af!

  5. She is very nasty to Bella, what pissed me off the most is how they BOTH ignored her at the gender reveal, they put on a show… Megan is horrible to both children. Don’t cry over aoss when you grind your teeth and ignore your baby while he’s crying…

    • @Guru Mama My experience was and is 500x worse. My dads wife banned me from my own dads house that he bought and she has called me several names and almost hit me once

  6. It’s ok to be exhausted as a new mom. Ask for help! Her husband doesn’t even work a legitimate job. The way she clenched her teeth in anger at a crying baby was chilling. The way she snapped at Bella for making a small sound 😲 They both give me very off putting vibes. Bella’s mother needs to keep her far away from them.

    • I couldn’t agree more!! I can’t imagine how they’d “handle” being parents if they both worked full time jobs like most people do

  7. I am SO THANKFUL that you made this video, because I have been thinking the exact same thing. She does not treat Bella the same way that she treats Kaden. I know that Bella is not her daughter and Kaden is her son, but STILL. Bella is her daughter by MARRIAGE. Also, at 1:30, when she mentions if she is ready to have Bella live at their house, she says “We would love that” but her BODY LANGUAGE AND FACIAL EXPRESSION ACTUALLY SHOOK HER HEAD NO…. that is verbal misalignment. She truly DOESN’T want her living at the house.

  8. Omg so sad to see Bella being ignored after she was so happy and jumping up and down knowing she was going to have a baby brother 😞

    • That was so heartbreaking! I was waiting for meg to scoop her up or at least hug her bit she totally ignored her. And the way she talks to Bella is disgusting.

    • @ASMR Destination Sleep I agree, I find she talks so highly of Bella when she isn’t around and then when Bella is there she seems like she doesn’t want her there at all

  9. Damn she only has one kid and she is so overwhelmed. I hope she doesn’t ever hurt him bc she looks hella angry and impatient….the way she gritted her teeth and was just letting him scream and kind of smirking to the camera…what a weirdo.

    • No kidding. I have three under 5. It just seems like her baby is just another accessory or prop for her facade. It’s really unfortunate. All the makeup in the world can’t hide the true ugliness of a narcissist.

    • @Helen Howard u can say that again…..she is def a narcissist. I hope she doesn’t have any more.

    • @ASMR Destination Sleep still doesn’t help the son who’s been screwed by the genetic lottery.

  10. I’ve hate watched this girl for years and I’m currently high watching these and I am LIVING

    • What the hell are you even trying to say if you don’t like her then don’t watch her haters gonna be trolls

    • Your think adults would mature but kids act more grown then half y’all adults must have a sad life to hate someone you don’t actually know what a waste of energy watching someone just to hate girl you need Jesus

  11. The way she ignored Bella when she ran up to Megan after the gender reveal was so hurtful to watch… she clearly does not see Bella as part of her family.

  12. I noticed years ago when Bella was little and in the vlogs, Meg wasn’t happy with her and just seemed like she was an annoyance. When people noticed, she started being nicer in the vlogs until she “wasn’t allowed” anymore

    I never thought she was mentally stable enough to have her own child

  13. The way that baby was handled made me jump up, this lady reminds me of those women who think if she has a man, ANY man and a family she’ll be happier, she finds out that’s really it and still yet wants “the next step” “things will get better” when maybe things never will. I feel almost sad for her, she seems to be searching or wanting something that she will never find.

  14. Them ignoring bella at the gender reveal broke my heart! Having a new baby is so hard for older kids. They should of included her

  15. Her treatment of Bella makes me so sad. Kids know. They can feel that. Poor Bella. My stepdad is the most wonderful person and I would be absolutely crushed if he rejected me, especially repeatedly!