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Why Buy Designer Baby Shoes

Indeed, your baby’s first shoes are a very significant topic to contemplate on. Along with your baby’s “firsts,” his or her shoes should matter a lot because these can affect his or her posture as he or she grows up. Aside from considering the necessity to buy a pair or two, baby shoes are also delightful treats to parents as they can dress up their babies with today’s trendy baby shoes.

Today, more and more parents consider buying designer baby shoes because they would want to ensure the safety of their precious little bundles of joy.


Aside from the fame, quality of the materials used, and original design of designer baby shoes, parents and even those would-be Godparents who would want to give something special to their Godchildren, consider buying designer baby shoes as a perfect gift because these are specially-crafted for the needs of the baby.

These days, many baby shoes designers explore different possibilities in making baby shoes to fit babies’ sizes and needs.

When looking for baby designer shoes, the first consideration should be the safety of the child’s feet and allowance for his or her fast-growing feet. Aside from the brand, the price, and the design, here are some other things you should contemplate on before buying that cute, colorful and expensive designer baby shoes:

1. The designer baby shoes should be flat. Since walking or learning to walk is one of the most significant aspects of a child’s growth, giving him or her a flat one to start with is the best option. Shoes with flat soles can help them find their balance when standing and trying to walk.

2. The soles of the baby shoes should be flexible. Aside from being flat, experts say that flexible soles are ideal from babies because these can assist them if they would want to stand up or walk. Shoes with flexible soles can help babies find their balance while protecting their little feet from scrapes as they stagger and stumble on the floor.

3. Designer baby shoes should have soft soles. Soft soles ensure comfort. Make sure that the designer baby shoes you’re going to buy has premium cushion to protect his or her feet while keeping it cool and well ventilated.

4. It should have grip or traction similar to the foot. Soft leather that is similar to the foot would ensure safety so make sure that you provide the baby with something to keep his or her feet in place.

5. The shoes should be light, with enough space to cover the shoe and band to stay on the foot. Baby shoes should ensure the security of the feet so an elasticized band wrapped around the ankle would do. Also make sure that the shoes are made of light material and with enough space to cover each foot.

6. Ensure the shoes’ durability and practicality. Since children run around a lot most of time, make sure that the shoes are durable so they wouldn’t wear out fast. If possible, try to buy not-so-expensive designer baby shoes because you will need to buy other pairs when the child grows up.

Popular designer baby shoes include Daisy Roots Shoes, Cuquito Baby Shoes, SFERA Boots, Andanines Tiny Shoes, and Lil Moc’s.

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