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This EXACT Strategy Generates $38K PER HOUR (Copy+Paste) — 24 Comments

  1. I think the most valuable thing you showed is that you used the real way, not the trends. You really are making an impact by educating us and showing us real long sustainable success !!!
    The thing I loved about what you said was that It’s better to at least win something than stay in the zero.
    Thank you Anthony Morrison !

  2. Been watching you for some time now, few years. Always feel motivated & your about the only one I feel I can trust, l have been taken a few times so now living so thin holds me back, maybe someday soon. I’ll keep watching and leaning, thanks for what you do.

  3. Information should be at least simple that can help the first online learner to follow. Because most of the online business presention are not simple to follow to work on. It’s should be as wikihow presentation

  4. After watching this , ive learned one thing … you can literally attain things others can just imagine you just have to develop a mindset different n bigger then others . Thankyou Mate .

  5. Thank you for the information! I didnt know you could make short 10 minute videos, and make money from them. Thanks!

  6. I will love to work hard to the extent I make such amount of money you make. You results are a motivation to me.

  7. You explained this really well. Love to see more of such content. Great job!💰👍

  8. You Taught me that I can make sustainable income through YouTube content, like tutorials.
    I was recently trying to make money through ads but the money is so tiny its almost not even worth it unless you have a massive following.
    Thanks Anthony.

  9. I believe that Anthony is sincere in his efforts to help people change their lives. Good to see in this day and time.

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