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The Introvert’s Guide to Making Online Sales

group of people on beach 860937I’ll admit it.

Put me by the beach with my wife and my dogs and I’ll stay there for days.

But that hasn’t stopped me from selling thousands of high-quality products…

And make a living from commissions,

Working part-time hours,

Usually by the beach.

By now you’re probably thinking:

“Selling? Yea, that’s not for me.”

I felt the same way.

But the type of selling I do doesn’t require cold calling, door knocking, or meetings.

It’s completely automated.

I’m able to run my business *almost* on autopilot without talking to anyone directly.

And even better, the customers I sell to actually REQUESTED to hear what I’ve got.

If this sounds like a “Brand New Business Idea” I promise you, that’s not the case.

It’s actually how the majority of stuff is sold on the interwebs these days.

  • Airbnb
  • UBER
  • Amazon

These enormous companies don’t require traditional salespeople to get their message out there.

And the number one way they close the deal?


Yup, the same marketing tactic that’s worked since the dawn of the internet,

It is still the number one method I use as the corner-stone of my business.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Find something you love or are passionate about.

(Dog Training Courses, Digital Marketing Software, Funny T-Shirts, Leadership Books, etc.)

Step 2: Find an audience that would love to buy them.

(Some use Paid Ads but I prefer more efficient methods)

Step 3: Set up an AUTOMATED system that promotes these offers on autopilot.

(And collect commissions on every sale or signup)

…and that’s about it.

So if you’re interested in learning how this is done step-by-step

And see my list of the BEST products to promote today WITHOUT paid ads, a huge brand, or a big-budget…

It’s time to check out my training loaded with case studies of how my students make consistent, reliable sales every day from email.

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