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The BEST Passive Income Strategy! *$230K/MONTH* (Step-By-Step) — 26 Comments

  1. I just joined PWA and wow you are amazing!!! Your delivery and consistency is truly helping me take to take one step at a time and feel confident as I move forward…. ok lol im going to watch this video now. Thanks for all you do!!!

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  2. Disliked the video because of the clickbait title and thumbnail

    Like you said you’ve made 100 million so why do you need to clickbait people into watching your videos by lying and inflating your stats

    • With all due respect. My numbers aren’t inflated at all… if you don’t like my videos it’s perfectly fine to not watch them 🙂

    • @Anthony Morrison bruh you literally had a recording of your dashboard and it was $10k a month

      And in the title and thumbnail it’s $230k a month

    • @William you legit look at one single income stream. We did 1.6 million last month in 28 days. When I say 230k a month im not even giving my full numbers. Feel free to analyze, but facts are facts $230k/m is not overstating how much money I make. I made $230k a month when I was 23 years old … I’m 39 now.

      Don’t like my video that’s cool… but stating I tell lies about how much money I make is not cool – it’s ignorant.

    • @Anthony Morrison it’s definitely not ignorant bruh

      Been following your content for about 4 years and make good money myself

      According to the video you uploaded, the title and thumbnail is very misleading

      Bye, take responsibility for your mistakes instead of getting hostile

      You definitely aren’t the richest person on earth or the quickest to gain wealth, even those people aren’t above criticism when they make mistakes and they accept it with open hands especially when the criticism is factually correct and constructive

      Unsubbed (even though that means nothing to you anyway)

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  3. PWA is legit and recurring commissions is the best way to do affiliate marketing

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  4. Love this.. Thankyou lovely 💖🙏just got my software so on to session 4 💖🙏

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  5. Hey! Thanks for the video. I love it!! I would like to get into it. That it’s really valuable to me. Thanks

  6. Follow the advice of someone who has succeeded at what you want to do in order to avoid as many common mistakes as possible.

  7. These videos are great information and motivation. Thank you and I am in PWA.

  8. Thank you very much for all the awesome videos that are extremely informative and very valuable. I actually can’t thank you enough… truly grateful 🙏