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The Anthony Morrison Scam? A Mom’s View — 27 Comments

  1. every video you have on youtube is you promoting a website, affiliate…. seems this lady only makes videos on companies on which she can profit.. 100 % SCAM

  2. Thank you very much for making this video. I thought you was about to say, “Yes it is” but I am glad that you and your husband decided to go through with the business and actually went to some of the seminars. I have bought the book and I am reading it carefully and going to follow the steps to get my business started. I like the fact that Anthony is down to earth and he is willing to share TONS of information to help people and give hope to all to succeed online! Thank you again and God Bless!

    • LUCKY YOU , YOU GOT THE BOOK.. I gave my credit card ON LINE and it is very very frustrating. They are emailing you a lot of stuff DAILY. TY

  3. Dear Youtube,

    This video is totally legit! This lady is just one of many people who have made tons of money using Morrison’s tried and true program.

    Best Regards,
    Charles Ponzi

  4. AT LAST !!!! a normal down to earth review, without trying to get me onto something else.. WELL DONE !! Ive noticed excasctly what you where saying, theres a tonne of people all offering their review of Anthony, but then trying to get you onto something else, and they do this obviously because of the power of his name as a keyword shall we say.. Im sick of em… Ive never felt Anthony to be a scam at all but i just look for further info like we should. Great info from your vid. Thanks !!

  5. I bought the program and was given a link that does not work. When I asked about it I was told that the site was experiencing some problems and would be fixed soon. All I get from this guy is more and more offers every day. Anthony Morrison to me is a scam. Luckily, I did not pay $67.00. I paid a half of thet

  6. ALOT of “business people” are just making money on the program. In reality, what they are selling does not work. Their disclaimer is “your success will depend entirely on you, your work ethic, and similar. If it really works, it will work on a very small level $200 or LESS. Put a pencil to your efforts. Tabulate the costs involved BEFORE SPENDING ANYTHING. See what you are spending by writing all your anticipated costs down FIRST. NEVER, EVER spend more than $200 on ANY PROGRAM. If a program works on $200, then it works. It’s better to lose $200 than $2000 or more. Otherwise, it’s a scam. They will get your money. They are professional spin doctors and professional liars. If you are weak, they got you. INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU INVEST. ALWAYS!

    • @D Radarman
      Hey there,best comment & best advice I have seen on any video.
      I find these people selling theses courses just want to sell. And you feel pressured into buying,because the offer won’t be round forever.
      Best advice is do your research. And don’t spend what you can’t afford to loose.
      Have a beautiful & blessed day. Takecare,xx

  7. Thank you, for the great review and I believe you did a very good job. You were fair and obviously you were not ripped off by Anthony.

  8. Affiliate marketign has come a long way. But back in those days the process was very cumbersome. We didn’t have the robust content management systems, spy tools and social media platforms or Fiverr/upwork like we do now. I foolishly dismissed his book as a scam and threw it away and after spending the past 2 years actually learning how to promote products and place ads to drive traffic, I admit I was ignorant. It’s easy to dismiss something as a scam when you don’t even understand the concept itself. Thankfully these days it’s much easier to understand.

  9. Thank you ,so much for talking to us and giving me the inspiration to continue with the lessons that Anthony is teaching us. You and your husband sounds like really good honest people and that is hard to find today. I also wanted to say that I do hope that your husband is doing well .now. Dee

  10. Thanks for your quality review! Yes, too many think they should be able to make money “instantly”. That does not happen, sorry!

  11. From my very own experience I can proudly say that Anthony is giving me a chance to BE a successful entrepreneur. Simply because of the way he teaches, his approach and straight forward no fluff added way of putting a whole program together, of becoming an entrepreneur with small baby steps which, when followed exactly, will produce a precise end product – a successful businessman. Period. That’s it. I was looking for a very long time for ways to become successful… he has found the right entry point of giving me the data one by one at the right dosis, for me to move forward and grow. This is priceless. I am now part of his PWA program and Ambassador program and winning. So YES – it is good to meet Anthony Morrison. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5kSRNQ648U )

  12. Thank you for your honest review. I was sent an email to join. You just helped my decision a very easy one! Thanks so much! I just got laid off yesterday, so this is right on time.

  13. In Anthony’s video he’s like “once you sign up most people find an overwhelming amount of work that they have no idea how to do. Don’t worry, we will hold your hand…” I saw another review video of what his modules look like after you sign up, and it’s just as overwhelming like the last affiliate program I tried. Each module has like 4-5 lessons that involves a ton of reading. Plus it takes like a month to complete cause you can only do one module a day. The last time I tried signing up under a different affiliate program, the mentor they assigned me was rude, boring, and wasted my time by telling me I had to listen to all these podcasts to get into the right mindset…like bro, I’m already freaking here, just show me what to do already… when I asked for a different mentor, no one responded.
    I know it takes time to master any craft and I’m cool with that, but what I want is for some one to just share their screen and spend like the next two – three hours walking me through EVERYTHING… I’d pay $60.00 for that.

    • Yeah, we are facing with Anthony Morrison as well, he needs to banned from YouTube he is egotistical, very annoying & we are already counting the days to hear he got divorced raped, he’s now messing with a prominent rising new CEO and wants to stop him from becoming his own CEO because he wants to keep him under him! Never ever pay for it! He doesn’t even want to give back the refund, it’s like he wants to force it, people like that are so sick. I’m so glad I heard before I joined his faulty narcistic program.

  14. I have not responded to this man but the amount and number of emails coming from him made me to question myself if this is a genuine money-making business or scam. I have the answer now. thank you

  15. Thanks for bringing this out. I feel Anthony is really one who gives back by hosting free trainings etc.. His competitors can’t touch him with a candle & try to destroy his image. Some people just want to be a tree b4 they are a branch. Kudos to Anthony for standing strong in his beliefs.

  16. Happy new year, many many thanks for talking to us &inspiration us that Anthoney is teaching us with the lesson to continue,honestly , your sounds like a good honest people it’s really hard to find today.slef stay.