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The Anthony Morrison Scam? A Mom’s Success — 11 Comments

  1. u cant go wrong with 100% commission with the empowernetwork. Wanna find out more?????
    you know what to do

    • @ Mike C, I never had the opportunity. As soon as I paid the $3500 a devastating tragedy happened & mentally I wasn’t ready to start. 1 Year later I went back and tried to get help through the team who helps navigate new beginners & nothing!! I mean nothing. They claim there was in o record of my purchase or they couldn’t find the info, but clearly it was on my credit card statements from before. The customer service was horrible & I made a negative comment about them on social media & was threatened with a law suit for slander!! Really?! I was simply stating my experience with the company which wasn’t a good one. They promise you someone will be available to help you whenever you need it.. To get you started, to get your website up and running, ways to help drive traffic to your site etc..but when that time came I couldn’t get help! So yes, I was pissed for wasting that kind of money for nothing only to not have recouped at least 1/2 back. Yes, I know I should’ve started when I purchased it, but life happens!

    • @Charisma I so hate you had that experience. I do believe that happened and totally do not neglect your experience or your feelings. I know support for the Morrisons were not the best in the past. From my experience, as of late I have actually been able to get my questions answered from Anthony himself. And I am not going to post links to my channel on this comment thread, but I actually got a chance to interview Anthony Morrison himself. It’s on my channel. I know a lot of people who have thought negatively about him and how he runs his business have changed their minds once they watched the video. And this is not me marketing trying to get more likes and comments, and views on that particular video. People have actually messaged me and told me that. I wanted to encourage you in your journey as an entrepreneur and wish you much success. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. And thanks for commenting.

  2. Awesome. How are things going with your affiliate marketing biz??? I have been following Anthony and Adrian for about 3 years now and I have made money as well. Thanks for sharing your story. (Even though I am 9 years late. LOL!!!)