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Save Money with Your Running Shoes

The rule of thumb in replacing your running shoes is to find a new one when you have run at least 400-500 miles on your old ones. However, if you are a frequent runner, buying a new pair of running shoes every two or three months can be very costly. You can save on extra bucks if you would take care of your running shoes. The more you care about your running shoes, the longer they will last. Here are some ways to make your shoes last longer:

Use your running shoes only for running.

Even though running shoes are very comfortable, don’t use them for everyday activities aside from running, jogging or working out. Although you’re just doing simple tasks, you’re still compressing your running shoes and the cushioning will be gradually torn. Wear flip flops when you stay in your home, and if you are going out for a short walk or a stroll in a park, wear a good walking shoes instead. Running shoes are called so, because they are intended for running.

Wear and take them off properly.

When you are in a hurry, you tend to wear or take off your shoes without untying the shoe laces. Make sure you untie the laces before you take them off or wear them. The more your shoes are stressed with the tension brought by limited space, the faster they will wear off.

Do not use direct heat to dry off your shoes.

If you wash your shoes or it gets wet, never dry them out on direct heat such as a radiator. Intense heat will dry out the shoe materials such as leather. In drying your shoes properly, untie the laces, take off the insoles, and air dry them, away from direct heat such as sunlight. To dry your running shoes faster, you can also use crumpled paper inside the shoes to absorb water.

Alternate running shoes.

If you are a frequent runner, it is very good to alternate two pair of running shoes. Your running shoes will last longer when you provide them with enough time to breathe-out or decompress between your running routines.

Store your shoes properly.

Store your running shoes in a cool, dry place away from moist and direct heat. Never leave them in cramped places such as an overcrowded duffel bag or a compressed car trunk.

Never wash your shoes using the washing machine.

If your running shoes need washing, use your hands to scrub off the dirt. Do not use strong detergents or hot water. Air dry is better that direct heat.

You will eventually save more bucks on running shoes by getting the appropriate fit from the best running shoes store you can find in your area, where professional runners usually purchase their running shoes. While a pair of good running shoes would cost at least $ 50- $ 120, they will save money by slashing the occurrence of injuries. If you buy a pair of running shoes which cost about $ 25 – $ 40, that are usually badly designed, the occurrence of leg injuries increases. Most specialized running shoes store have after sales policies so you are guaranteed with your demands whenever you running shoes got some problems. Online stores are also efficient, but you need to be very specific on your orders, since it will cost you extra time when the delivered shoes are not suitable to your running needs.

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