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Partner With Anthony HONEST Review 2021 | The Truth About Anthony Morrison — 22 Comments

    • @Get Free With Annie I think you miss the point, to be honest. You focus too much on what Anthony’s main product is and overlook the fact that what you are doing with his program can be duplicated for any number of outside products, whatever you find that you want to promote. You are totally correct in saying this isn’t for everyone, though. If you don’t have the drive to follow through and do everything he’s taking you through, step by step, you won’t succeed. If you know from your past that you tend to get excited about something, but lose interest before experiencing success, then, yes, you should probably pass the opportunity by.

    • @PaleRider54 ok good to know friend. appreciate the honest comment. shiny object syndrome is definitely a thing. but also sometimes you just try stuff out that you dont like until you find the right thing. that’s what happened to me. tried local marketing, tried facebook ads, and a few other things… finally tried affiliate marketing through youtube, love it and stickin to it 🙂

    • @Get Free With Annie – Not to drag things on…..but PWA teaches affiliate marketing through YouTube as well. The bottom line is what the previous commenter mentioned…..Stick with your plan and see it through. Time and perseverance will prevail. We are all one big community here with one common goal, not opposing sides promoting courses.

  1. You should have subscribed and did your review using the members dashboard. Some of your information are not factual.

    • @Get Free With Annie all your information is incorrect.
      I am his student and I watched a lot of reviews about the program before joining which is why YouTube still suggests your kind of content to me.

      Anthony actually holds you by the hand and teach you step by step how to build a business online and make money with it.

      I have bought other programs prior to his and he is currently the only person out there who actually shows you how to set up an online business, tells you the tools you need and recommends them to you.
      Others only teach you mindset and leave you to figure out what to do by yourself.

      Let’s be honest, can you make money online or anywhere without actually spending money?

    • @Relaxability No, of course not. Did someone say you could? I merely said i feel there are better programs out there. And asked if you could let me and everyone else know which part i got incorrect. Its good to know that he really does take you by the hand though. That’s a good thing that beginner affiliate marketers need.

    • @Get Free With Annie You’re right. I know some people who joined his course. Getting an answer from him can be difficult.

    • @Get Free With Annie his course teaches more than what you imply. Also you could make one sale in the first one or two months and be profitable from there on. Where else can you invest 200-400$ and start making much more every week? My only concern is the types of products. His DFY businesses are based on business tools and methods. If you don’t want to promote that it may be difficult to find other highly profitable products. But maybe you have your own product already.

  2. Thanks Annie. I am so tired of this way of marketing. Every second person tries to get you in with a low cost course, just to make more money with upsells, as the initial course will not take you far. Very good review

    • thanks girl. yea it can be very tiring and frustrating. you just want one person to tell you a course and a business that is right for you, and will help you to get financially free. you gotta do a lot of research and trial and error first usually. i had to do ALOT of spending money and time before i found out affiliate marketing was the path for me. If you are looking for a business that is passive, that doesnt take a ton of capital or inventory to start out, and doesnt involve customer service or client interaction… then affiliate marketing is that. its the passive income business that i recommend. And the course I recommend is the one at the end of this webinar. check it out if you’re interested. http://getfreewithannie.com/growthcommander

  3. Thank you Annie! I don’t mind paying for tools because we will need them to market well. I do not like when marketers HIDE (after you gave up your email or money) all the costs it will really take to be successful. This is why Anthony is a top marketer too because he is an affiliate for Clickfunnels and the autoresponder and keyword tools he recommends. I get it as a business strategy, but please be honest upfront. Thank you for sharing this review! I needed it!

    • Exactly! I agree wholeheartedly. You should always plan to pay for marketing tools, but if you NEED them in order for a course or program to work, they need to tell you up front. Thanks for the comment friend!

  4. Pay attention. King willie and Pale rider are really Anthony under fake accounts. Those 2 accounts comment on every single video that exposes Anthony’s courses. He is a scammer. Tricking people into getting monthly memberships for tools. Those 2 fake accounts and his affiliates are the only ones saying they are having success with his courses. 😂😂😂😂

    • dude! that’s what i kind of figured! either that, or they are people on his team that he is paying to do that.