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My *Back-Door* Hack to Get Brand Deals with a Tiny Channel (Affiliate Marketing) — 20 Comments

  1. I really want to learn more to “Hack” to get these brand deals built to start my Affiliate Business. Anthony, you are awesome!

  2. Sir,thanks for your excellent info,my name is shancs ,60 yrs old jobless from Malaysia ,I am a poor newbie crawling very slowly to learn affiliate marketing from your wonderful YouTube video,and thanks again,keep up your good work,god blessed you and you family and hope you got a healthy babe soon take care .I am watching your video almost Avery day.bye

  3. Thanks, Anthony, for another informative video on affiliate marketing. Your expertise and knowledge is priceless, cheers
    Albert Bertoldi

  4. Thanks for the free info bro, I like what your doing with the win win plan for everyone, your awesome.

  5. Hey Anthony, I love your stuff, been following you for a while, joined your PWA program, etc. NOTE: Whatever gen-z punk told you that choppy videos holds people’s attention longer – ignore them. It’s just distracting nonsense for people with no attention span. If that’s what’s required to hold someone’s attention, I don’t think they’re your “ideal customer” if ya know what I’m saying 😉 Keep up the good work though…you’re definitely one of the good guys.

  6. Funnel assist a build up email list make a traffic caught up multipel commission successfully earn with Affiliate in the world markting place in fact YouTube channel make platfrom to PWA train to being a successful profit way wisdom consistently success business. Excellent informative advice in this video, thanks a lot Anthony for sharing baseline.

  7. Thank you, Anthony. Your videos not only inform me, but they also motivate me to press forward into my totally unexpected career change.

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