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[Micro-Continuity Bundle] We Launched YOUR Business! — 12 Comments

  1. I want to learn from you . It’s there anyway you could spare some of your time and teach me one on one ?

  2. Awesome training tonight 🙌🏻even more awesome of you to do it while being sick
    🧡thank you

  3. Hello from Ohio👍 I would like whole heartedly to endorse Team PWA 🍀For all your business mentoring needs💲 Anthony is a Gem take my word for it 💎.and you won’t go wrong by partnering with his incredible ecosystem 💰And congratulations Anthony on the new baby🎉🍾 And all the best with everything you’ve got coming up for you 🍀

  4. Please don’t let those daft people discourage you from doing good in future. God bless you Anthony. Thank you for still attending the Success connection training, despite not being well. Get well soon Anthony and Alexa. Best wishes and prayers from London. 🙂

  5. Thank you Anthony Morrison 🙏 praying for your health. Your teaching and sharing is always spot on.
    As I build out my businesses I know it will grow my business. For that I am deeply thankful.

  6. @Anthony. I appreciate you for sharing that issue. I have 2 “Omni-powerful” Success Principles to share: Matt 6:3-4 (When you give to the poor…give in secret, God will reward you openly) and Proverbs 27:2 (Let not your own mouth praise you). This “one-two” punch is extremely powerful and works. Exponentially!

    • Hey hey Ant. You ARE all that n a bag of chips. Listen, I see more of who you are each time I watch. You’re a workaholic, in good health and physical condition, you have a great sense of humor that your family and good friends get to know cause when you do a webinar you can’t just fool around,because you have to keep where they are short, concise and. stick to the point. Mrs Morrison must also have admirable qualities cause after having been married 4 times if she weren’t your best fan, your image would show it
      You eat and sleep right and desire to not just be successful, but help as many as you can along the way. All of these are Christ’-like qualities that are not based on being hard on yourself, which your wife tells you about, but flow naturally from a heart and mind of a true Believer in the same thing that keeps me love, shalom and joy every single day, matter what comes our way and that’s from the Spirit of LIFE, Who is Yeshua Messiah, Christ,our LORD. Amen?

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