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Men’s Wide Shoes

We often hear people who have small feet, narrow feet or large feet complain that it is very difficult to find shoes that fit. But for some who have wide feet, their burden is a lot heavier than all of them. For people who have wide feet it is a lot harder to find a pair of shoes that will fit. Luckily some manufacturers are now manufacturing them and most of men’s wide shoes are now available on the web. Looking for men’s wide shoes can now be as easy as browsing the net. Listed below are the top manufacturers of men’s wide shoes and some webpage on where you can shop for men’s wide shoes online:
Hitchcock Shoes (www.wideshoes.com)
An independent and family owned company. Hitchcock Shoes is a wide shoe specialist. Hitchcock Shoes is not connected with other catalog and direct marketer company. Their men’s wide shoes are can be purchased via mail order or through their online store. Hitchcock Store has a large array of men’s wide shoes.
Zappos (www.zappos.com)
This retailer specializes shoes online. Zappos.com has a wide range of shoes, from brands to styles to colors to sizes and to widths. Zappos.com also retails handbags, apparel, dresses and everything that involves fashion.
ShoeBuy (www.shoebuy.com)
ShoeBuy has a wide selection of branded men’s wide shoes. Offers free shipping. ShoeBuy also retails sandals, boots, handbags, luggage, accessories and apparel for all ages.
Online Shoes (www.onlineshoes.com)
Online Shoes has a vast collection not just of men’s wide shoes but also women’s wide shoes too. Their website is easy to navigate. Online Shoes offers fast and free shipping and free exchange shipping.
JC Penny (www.jcpenney.com)
A subsidiary of the J. C. Penny Company Inc.; JCPenny.com is one of the largest department stores, e-commerce retailer and catalog in America. It is like shopping on a department store without leaving the comfort of your home.
BizRate (www.bizrate.com)
Founded by the Los Angeles based company; Shopzilla. It is a stand alone operating unit by “E.W. Scripps Company. BizRate is easy to use. BizRate is a powerful search site on the web. It has over 30 million products from 60,000 stores.
Shoes.com (www.shoes.com)
Shoes.com offers a selection of branded men’s wide shoes. Has a large array of foot wear for all ages online. Shoes.com is an affiliate of Brown Shoe Company.

Most of us would not know the difference, but for men who have wide feet it can be frustrating not knowing the exact shoe size. If you come upon a wide shoe that you like but you don’t know the width of your shoe size, just remember, the more the letters on the shoe, the wider it is. Say, if “EEE” or “3E” wouldn’t fit, try the wider “EEEE” or “4E” size

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