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Men’s Walking Shoes

The most important item in men’s walking gear is the shoes. Take time in choosing the right men’s walking shoes for you. The right men’s walking shoe is the shoe that fits you best. A perfect pair of men’s walking shoes must have the proper support, cushion, flexibility and must also balance any stride problems or pronation problems that you may have. It’s not just buying the most popular or cheapest or the most expensive men’s walking shoes; also remember that running shoes also have the best features for walking. Although most of men’s walking shoes are generally designed for performance, some men’s walking shoes are designed for market appeal only. Almost all long distance walkers use hiking shoes. On the other hand, hiking shoes do not have motion control features. Hiking shoes are stiff and heavy. Hiking shoes are for trails not streets.
There are lots of categories in men’s walking shoes. Lightweight performance trainers are excellent all-around walking shoes for individuals who do not have any motion control problems or pronation problems. If you are a long distance walker choose a walking shoe that is well cushioned for a comfortable walk. For middle weight individuals who do not have severe pronation problems use stability shoes. For individual who have motion control problems and have a heavy weight, it is advisable that they use overpronators.
Overpronators helps prevent injury and correct their motion control problems. Overpronators are rigid and inflexible kind of men’s walking shoes. Overpronators are heavy, durable and have a dual density midsole with a denser material inside of the shoe to correct motion control problems. Overpronators are great for individuals who are flat footed. The only set back of overpronators is that it has a thick heel.
Stability shoes
Stability shoes are more flexible than overpronators. Stability shoes provide good support and are durable. Most stability shoes have a semi curved last and dual density midsole for support. This type of men’s walking shoes may tend to have thick heels but not as thick as overpronators.
Lightweight trainer shoes
Lightweight trainers are the lighter version of standard trainers which is used for fast paced training. There are various types of lightweight trainer shoes, these are:
* Racing flats – this type of men’s walking shoes tend to have little stability or durability. Racing flats are very light, flexible, and have low heels.
* Race walker – race walkers are designed to accommodate the motion of race walking. Race walkers are similar to racing flats although they do not have thick midsoles. They also do not have knobs or lugs on the outsole.

Choose a walking shoe that does not have high heel, it should also be enough flexible to prevent shin splints. Look for heels that have an even undercut at the back for good heel strike and roll.

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