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Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Men’s volleyball is rapidly growing worldwide and the commercial shoe business is booming. Avid men volleyball players now have a wide range of high quality men’s volleyball shoes to choose from. The appearances of men’s volleyball shoes resemble basketball and cross training shoes. However, men’s volleyball shoes have features that aren’t on any basketball shoes and cross training shoes. Here is a breakdown of those features.
The major feature of men’s volleyball shoes is the shoe’s gum rubber outsole. Today’s men’s volleyball shoes use gum rubber composite and rubber put together with a herringbone design, it give the wearer excellent traction on a variety of indoor playing surfaces. Shoe manufacturers have developed a new type of men’s volleyball shoes that is specially designed for grass.
Volleyball players most of the time use the ball of their feet. Men’s volleyball shoes have advanced materials added to the front soles of the shoes similar to running shoes and basketball shoes. The midsoles are usually made of foam from sheet or molded EVA to absorb more shock. Most men’s volleyball shoes have both sheet and molded EVA foam. Other shock absorbing techniques provide cushion and energy return (air, liquid, gel, etc.).
Most volleyball shoes have uppers made of suede and mesh. Other volleyball shoes have additional mesh in the upper for airflow and breath ability, by which also makes the shoes lighter. Some volleyball shoes have uppers made up of lightweight synthetic leather or leather and mesh upper on mid-cut and high-cut men’s volleyball shoes to provide additional ankles support. Some manufacturer offers men’s volleyball shoes with ankle brace built on the shoes.

The most important gear in volleyball is the volleyball shoes. Every volleyball player wants to have a great volleyball shoes that would make them jump higher, move faster and play better. The perfect men’s volleyball shoes must not wear down immediately. The soles must provide traction at the same time protecting the ankles from injury. Below are the most recommended brands of men’s volleyball shoes:
* Asics Gel Alta – this volleyball shoes from Asics has the same performance and characteristics of a running shoe. Has an air mesh on the upper that quickly releases the heat inside the shoes. Its rubber soles provides great traction for indoor court surfaces.
* Mizuno Wave Tornado – engineered for players who want outstanding support and cushioning in a lightweight volleyball shoes. Mizuno Wave Tornado’s features enhanced gum rubber outsole for additional traction and flexibility.
* Adidas Vuelo Climacool – has open mesh nylon for 360 degree breathability. Adidas Vuelo Climacool is a lightweight and flexible volleyball shoes. Has all the support, flexibility and cooling power for every harsh start, stop and leaping motion on the playing court.

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