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Men’s Leather Shoes

Most men would prefer leather shoes than other types of shoes. Men’s leather shoes are very much still the popular choice in the work force. Although synthetic materials are slowly gaining on the men’s shoes industry, still it can not compete with the durability and protection that is a natural component leather shoes.
Leather is the material that is created by tanning of pelts, skins and hides of animals. There are various forms of leather that is used in making men’s leather shoes. The vegetable-tanned men’s leather shoes are shoes that are tanned by the use of “tannin”, tree bark, vegetable matter or other such foundation. Vegetable-tanned men’s leather shoes are usually discolors when wet. It becomes less flexible and becomes harder when it dries. It will also shrink. Suede men’s leather shoes have a soft, thin and pliable texture which makes it ideal men’s leather shoes.
Most men would spend a lot for just a pair of men’s leather shoes and don’t know how to take care of their leather shoes. Taking care of your leather shoes does not just make your shoes look good but it will also preserve and add life to it. Putting a coat of shoe polish on your leather shoes is not enough. If you really want to protect your leather shoes from falling apart and cracks you must clean, condition, polish and weatherproof it. If you don’t have time or are having doubts in your ability to work on your leather shoes, shoe repair shops are always there to clean, polish and condition you leather shoes. But if you are the do-it-yourself kind of guy, there are lots of leather shoe care products at general stores, shoe repair shops and of course the shoe store.
In cleaning smooth men’s leather shoes, first remove all the dirt and grime with leather cleaner. Some leather cleaner are in gels, foams and spray. Let your leather shoe for a few minutes before applying a shoe polish. Shoe polish help protect, moisturize and soften the leather. Apply a small amount of shoe polish into the leather shoes until the entire surface is covered with it. Let the shoe polish be absorbed into the leather before wiping of the leather shoes. One traditional way of polishing your shoes is by using the insides of a banana peel (never on suede or nubuck leather). Then rub it off with a soft cloth. Olive oil and walnuts oil is also good for smoothing leather shoes. Rub a small amount into the leather shoe and then polish with soft cloth. Weatherproofing also helps in protecting your leather shoes from water and other harsh elements that can damage the leather of your shoes.
The next time you buy men’s leather shoes; always remember to condition them before using. It will help prolong the life of your leather shoes.

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