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Men’s Clog Shoes

We often hear and read about men’s clog shoes. But do we really know what clog means? Or rather clog shoes are? What are clog shoes? The word “clog”, when applied to footwear means; a) A type of shoe or sandal primarily made out of wood. b) A type of shoe or boot with its sides and uppers made up of leather and has wooden soles. c) A Comfortable slip-on shoes mostly made of leather. Whatever meaning it may have, one thing is certain; clogs are a popular type of footwear.
Men’s clog shoes are popular across Europe because of its availability, durability and most of all inexpensive. Men’s clog shoes provide relief to the feet during long days at work. In the earlier years, men’s clog shoes were designed with soles made of cork or wood and its uppers made up of leather. Men’s clog shoes are open-backed shoes with a covered toe box. During the war, men’s clog shoes were often used for clandestine operation; spies would put confidential documents on the clog’s secret compartment. Although men’s clog shoes has evolved, its only constant design is the bottom portion of the shoes which are shape with an upward curve from the mid-foot to the toe box which makes a heel-to-ball rocking type of pace that is comfortable on the feet. The curve of the inner sole of the shoes provides support for the feet and legs. Men’s clog shoes are worn in Europe for years by almost every worker.
Men’s clog shoes are extremely comfortable. Men who work long shifts use clogs as their weapon of choice (or shoes of choice) when it comes to footwear at work. Factory workers, medical personnel (like nurses, orderlies and doctors) all wear clogs. Top shoe manufacturer are now producing stylish and comfortable men’s clog shoes. Clogs that are now available in the market have a wide selection of styles, patterns and colors, although there are also clogs that are plain and simple. Some uppers of clogs are made up of leather, while some are made up of suede, plastic and cloth. Lightweight and flexible styles are made from synthetic plastic materials, thus eliminating wood altogether.
In Europe, men’s clog shoes are widely used by workmen. They use clogs as protective clothing in mines, farms and factories. Rubber clogs are popular for garden, yard and lawn work. It can easily be cleaned and dried. Today, men’s clog shoes are referred to as comfortable slip-on shoes. Men’s clog shoes are popular in every generation because of its wide usage. It can be used on the outdoor garden, as a working shoes and fashion statements. Men’s clogs shoes are very much popular because of its comfort, durability and of course, versatility.

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