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Make $300 PER DAY on YouTube With ONE VIDEO (NO FOLLOWER STRATEGY) — 39 Comments

  1. Your video is straight forward and easy to understand. I like that you summarize at the end with a list of what we need to do next. Thank you.

  2. Your training videos are a real help. And, as a Partner With Anthony, I can attest to the value it provides. For any beginners out there who want to start an on line business, the PWA is a great place to start. And, here’s a suggestion, you can have a youtube video where you present the benefits to the PWA program and have your affiliate link to PWA! I’m going to try this strategy! Thanks Anthony

  3. Anthony I’m revved up and releasing the brake!! Let’s do this man and build longevity together as a team!!! You are my lead blocker as I begin this journey and once I clear the roadblocks I will blaze my own trail…………..

  4. Always look forward to getting notifications when you release a new video!!! Thank you so much for sharing FREE information that others charge an Arm & Leg!!!

    • @Anthony Morrison Thank you for making Internet marketing simple. Simplicity is key in business and life. Aside from that, I just wrote a short article on Linkedin about webinars. You can read it below:

      Which part of a webinar sells?

      There are five parts of a webinar:

      1. Introduction -> 2. Story -> 3. Content -> 4. Transition -> 5. Pitch

      There are many people who think that you’re getting a sale during a pitch but it’s simply not true.

      Let’s imagine that you go to a job interview. What do you think your future boss wants to know about you the most?

      Answer: “Can you add value to my company?”

      If you wanna show value to your future boss, just show him your skills in practice or evidence of skills such as previous work.

      This is what you do during a “content” part of a webinar, you show your value.

      When your attendees reach a pitch they’re already sold, otherwise, they would’ve left. The only question they have is “How much and can I afford it?”

  5. Great strategy about commenting on people’s videos. I didn’t think about leaving comments for traffic. Awesome information. I am looking forward to the next video. 💥💥

  6. 💫Thank you Anthony for the Magic tips and best strategies and support ⭐Happiest of New Years 💫

  7. Hi Antony. I like your approach and marketing experience. I already subscribed to your Ambassador program in May but haven’t done anything after going through all videos. I need somebody to help me start putting everything in place and generate commissions. Best regards

  8. First class training Anthony, and its your enthusiasm and knowledge that got me started again, love the PWA program and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

  9. Thanks Anthony for this inspiration and for amazing programs such as PWA that enable anyone to succeed with affiliate marketing as long as they put in the effort! Kurt

  10. Great video, thanks Anthony! As a PWA Member I’ll be implementing this method for 2021 🙂

  11. Yes, I feel strongly about deep diving into the AM (Aff Mrkt) business this year and my research is confirming there is no reason to not be running a channel. I have a sing and dance, make some funny, noises (insert laugh here) background, I have been in brick and mortar sales, since I was 7, and I am a natural storyteller. Your true insights about being genuine and upholding your integrity, are making this journey of mine, absolutely life changing! Thank you wholeheartedly and keep being the best you possible. 😷

  12. Really appreciate your partner programme ❤️.. Definitely going to join you..

  13. Hi so on the #1 lesson “Welcome”, where do i get the link for the free book ?

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