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Interview with Anthony Morrison — 7 Comments

  1. beware… this guy is a total scammer… if you buy into his biz, you’ll be paying more than you’ll be making.

  2. ” My name is ANTHONNY LOOSER MORRISON. I like to scam the american public on the basis of the fact that i cant afford to shave, my brother plays xbox all day, i dont know anything about car parts, and im looking to grow my bogus business to help me get rich. haha. i cant believe people are buying my 20 dollar book and believe there gonna get rich with me.” take care guys”

  3. I can ask my dog how to make money and my dog won’t charge me, that’s the same as asking anthony morrison how to make money but actually paying and getting the same results as asking my dog. paid programs are made to get your money, that’s it. to get your attention, and to get your money doing whatever it takes for you to pick up the phone and call and pay.

  4. you call him a scam, I’m sure you’re still broke.you just too lazy and don’t have what it take to make money….

  5. You’ve literally responded to the person who has not called him a scam. Fail.