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How To Wear Clothes-Dont Let Them Wear You

The question of how to wear clothes may sound silly to some people. They will tell you that you “just put them on and wear them”, but to wear clothes well requires more than simply throwing them on your body.

In a perfect world, people would take the time to get to know you really well before making any judgments about you. But this is the real world, and you will create a first impression in a matter of mere seconds. There is no way that anybody can get to know who you are in that amount of time, so that means they must rely largely on superficial cues, such as how you look, your body language, and the clothes that you wear. Know how to wear clothes the right way can help you to make a positive first impression.

It all begins with how well your clothes fit. Wearing clothes that are too loose will make you look like a cheap tent, while wearing clothes that are too tight will show off every flaw on your body. You should wear clothes that fit comfortably, and cover what they need to cover. For example, a men’s long-sleeved shirt should cover the arm down to the wrist when the arm is fully extended. You don’t want the sleeves to travel half-way up your forearm when you put your arm out to shake someone’s hand.

Just as you should always wear clothes that fit well, so too should you wear clothes that are appropriate. Your clothes should be appropriate for your age and for the setting that you will be wearing them in. The clothes you wear while working in the garden wouldn’t be appropriate for a business meeting or a formal dinner. If you aren’t sure what style of dress is expected, then you have a few choices. You can ask someone else who knows, check with the host (for social events), or dress one level above what you think it may be (it’s usually better to be dressed a level higher than a level lower).

Far too many make the mistake of thinking that the latest fashion always looks good. There are definitely fashionable items that can look good on the right people, but that doesn’t automatically mean they will look good on you. For that reason, you should always try clothes on, and be as objective as possible when deciding how they look. If possible, take along a trusted friend who isn’t afraid to tell you what they think. At least part of your wardrobe should be comprised of classic clothing that never goes out of style.

If you still have trouble with clothing, then you should get help. You can hire a personal fashion consultant, or get a guide that teaches you how to wear clothes. There is no excuse for looking sloppy, but with all of the help that’s available, looking your best is easy to do.

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