how to make 60 hr and work from home step by step guide

How to Make $60/hr and Work from Home. Step-by-Step Guide


This is Caitlin, CEO and Founder of Proofread Anywhere.

If you want to make $60/hr as a proofreader, this message will show you how to become a successful proofreader and work from home.

So I wanted to take a minute to answer some of the most common questions people have asked, all in one place.

Here we go…

What’s included in the General Proofreading course?

You’re getting the FULL General Proofreading: Theory & Practice course for 60% off…

That means you get ALL the modules, ALL the resources, and ALL the bonuses for half the normal enrollment cost.

The General Proofreading: Theory & Practice course includes:

  • 80+ Lessons in 14 Modules ($497 Value)
    These modules will teach you everything from the mechanics of proofreading, to learning the technical skills and mindset you need to produce great work for clients (and how to find clients in the first place!).
  • 23 Grammar-Specific Worksheets ($67 Value)
    Our ever-expanding library of worksheets will help you solidify your skills and serve as an excellent resource for double-checking your work with clients.
  • 40+ Real-Life Job Examples ($97 Value) and Answer Keys
    Think of this as your career roadmap! These examples show you all the possibilities there are out there for proofreading and what to look for.
  • Course Workbook + Syllabus ($37 Value)
    Who doesn’t love to stay organized? The student workbook and syllabus will keep you right on track and moving forward through the entire program.
  • 8 Module Quizzes ($67 Value)
    You’ll end each instructional module with a quiz to solidify the concepts you learned, proving to yourself that you CAN do it!
  • 100-Question In-Depth Vocabulary Quiz ($99 Value)
    Again, this will make some of the key proofreading “rules” feel like second nature, and boost your confidence while you’re at it.
  • 3 Case Studies ($197 Value)
    I absolutely LOVE these case studies because they show you how POSSIBLE it is to get from where you are to where you want to be with your proofreading side hustle. Use these case studies to inspire your own ideas for growing your business.

Plus, you’ll receive bonus resource guides for all types of service-provider markets ($397 value) and video pep talks from me (priceless)!

And if you opt for the Ignite Plus package, you’re also getting:

  • Access to all new and updated course content — for life — at no extra cost
  • A hand-graded exam ($37 value)
  • A digital certificate of completion upon passing the exam ($97 value)
  • A listing in the Self-Publishing School (SPS) Preferred Outsourcer Rolodex ($97 value)
  • PLUS membership in a separate marketing mastermind group specifically for General Proofreaders with verified skills ($997 value)

In other words, you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to understand proofreading, fine-tune your skills, AND create a proofreading business from scratch — all from home.

To claim your special offer now, click on the link below…

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I work a 9-5 job. Can I still do this course?


All the lessons in this program are designed for BUSY people who only have a few hours a week to dedicate to a side hustle or starting a new business.

Even after completing the course, you can STILL build a profitable proofreading business working just a few hours each week.

How much does it cost?

There’s more than $1,258 worth of value in the General Proofreading Ignite program and $2,486 for the General Proofreading Ignite Plus program…

And instead of paying the regular $497 for Ignite or $597 for Ignite Plus…

You’ll get Ignite for only $198.80, or Ignite Plus for just $238.80 when you sign up this weekend during the March Sale.

To put that into perspective, the students who apply what they learn from the course end up earning between an extra $500 a month to an extra $4,000 a month or more.

In other words, this weekend is your chance to set yourself up for an extra income stream at a fraction of what other startup businesses can cost — and even a fraction of what this program typically costs when it’s not on sale!

No coupon is required; simply follow the link and get instant access to course at 60% off.

Enroll Here Now

Do I need to have proofreading skills already?


It’s not required to have proofreading skills already, but it WILL help if you already have a knack for spotting errors.

The people who excel at proofreading tend to be detail-oriented, have the patience to read through lots of text, and like to work with people.

There’s a misconception that freelancing means you don’t have to deal with people at all…

And while proofreading is great for introverts and extroverts alike — and mostly requires “heads down” work time — you need to be somewhat of a people person to attract and retain clients.

However, you’ll learn a LOT of the technical and mindset skills you need in the course, and it’s absolutely possible to learn to proofread even if you’re not a “pro” or a “natural” right now.

You don’t even need a college degree! Just a pair of eyes 🙂

Does this course help me find proofreading work?

Yes! We provide a whole module with dozens of the resources and tools you can use to find paid work — BUT you need to implement these tools and be creative to get (and keep!) your clients.


Will this course make me a certified proofreader?

You will receive a certificate of completion if you pass the exam included in Ignite Plus, but it does not serve as an “official” certification in any way. There’s actually NO official proofreading certification in the United States — and no certification is required. Certification programs typically require yearly memberships, an elected board, and continuing education courses to maintain active status.

Is the market oversaturated with proofreaders?

The great thing about being a general proofreader is that there are many markets to find work. None of these markets are oversaturated with quality proofreaders.

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Is there a guarantee?

While I CAN guarantee you’ll have all the support, resources, and tools you’ll need to be successful, I cannot guarantee you’ll actually use them, nor can I make a guarantee to your future clients that you can actually proofread well.

Only you can do that!

That said, if you try out the course for a full week and decide it’s not for you, reach out to our Support team for a refund. Please note that students who complete more than the first two modules of the course are not eligible for a refund.

Enroll now at 60% off!

There IS one catch, though…

This amazing flash sale ends in just over 36 hours…

So while all our students receive lifetime access, support, and updates at no additional cost, you DO need to enroll now to get 60% off the course tuition.

Lastly, if you still have any unanswered questions, feel free to reply to this email.

Otherwise, if you KNOW it’s time to bet on yourself, enroll using the special link below:

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You are moments away from learning an in-demand skill that can help you generate income on your own terms…

… and investing in yourself? That’s always a wise choice 🎉.

With gratitude,


CEO and Founder

Proofread Anywhere

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