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Choosing is just like choosing any dress for special occasions. The first thing you should consider is the person who will wear the dress. With flower girl dresses, the wearer is a child, about grade school age, sometimes even younger.

Children around this age are usually active and quick to fidget when they have nothing to occupy them for a time. Keep this in mind when you choose the flower girl dresses, and then try these tips we have compiled for you to help you select the best flower girl dresses to compliment the wedding you have always dreamed of:

TIP #1: There is No Hard or Fast Rule

The good thing about flower girl dresses is that you need not conform to any particular wedding style guidelines when choosing them. You can choose a dress that has a look all its own. You can go for young, or unique, or sophisticated, or grown-up – take your pick. Anyway, kids are going to look adorable whatever clothes they are in.

TIP #2: It’s all in the Material

Now, you might think that you can’t afford to make any mistakes on your big day. There must be a guideline or something…anything! You can’t have a perfect wedding when your flower girls are wearing dresses that just look wrong.

Well, alright, there is one thing that you need to remember. Whatever style of flower girl dresses you choose, whatever look, just make sure that they are comfortable and the fabrics are not scratchy.

Children are bound to fidget and when they feel uncomfortable in what they are wearing, they are bound to get irritated and short-tempered. You don’t want your flower girls to have temper tantrums on your big day. So just keep this one thing in mind.

TIP #3: Follow the Bridesmaid’s Dress Styles

If you like themed weddings, the safest bet you have for flower girl dresses are those that follow the color and style that match the bridesmaid’s dresses. Alternatively, you can have flower girl dresses that are selected as a different version of the bride’s dress. Whatever you choose will do.

Just one note: When you choose flower girl dresses that have a style of their own, it is still advisable to follow the overall color scheme of the wedding.

TIP #4: Let the Little Girl Choose

It is also important that the flower girl dresses you choose are ones that the little girls would like to wear. They may be young but some of them may already have their own sense of style. So let them choose and see if you can incorporate their input into the type of flower girl dresses to get.

Often, little girls will opt for the look of a fairy princess or ballerina. Dresses with layers of tulle and full skirts are popular favorites. You can just vary the style from above the knee to ankle length and sleeveless to ¾ length sleeves to fit the image you have for your wedding entourage.

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