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Driving With Anthony Morrison – 5 Reasons To Be An Email Marketer — 22 Comments

  1. The longevity aspect of email marketing is why I think it’s the best avenue for an online footprint. Just getting started myself and glad to have resources to learn how the best way to do it is. Anthony really seems like he wants to pass on valuable knowledge to others. Much appreciation to the Mississippi Master! Memphis Mike is all in!

  2. Great info. Having come from selling on Amazon and not having access to customer’s emails, this is a breath of fresh air. Penetration, reach, adding value, personalization, follow up, ROI upsell, cross-sell, LTV.
    Loving learning more about this on ‘Partner With Anthony’ #PWA
    Amazing value … Highly recommended

  3. Another awesome video Anthony! Thank you! Indeed, email list is the key to online business success!

  4. I know this is older video but i truely enjoy your content and im learning how i can conduct myself in You Tube as well! I like the 500 emaill subs free That would be agreat bonus for all your programs! Maybe you can think about that or even 250 something as amother bonus to your already awesome training!
    #PWASTUDENT2020 #WinYouTubeBusiness #NeverGiveUp

  5. I’m so elated that I found a good teacher to help me learn this!! Thank you Anthony!!

  6. How about a seatbelt? We want you safe please, ty.
    This is a neat series, and very interesting to learn how you think. Will go check it out, Thank you.