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Clickbank For Beginners: BEST Way to Make Money Online in 2020 (Step-By-Step Tutorial) — 32 Comments

    • where do we go to build a landing page?how do we know when its all set?

    • Hello I never been successful in Clickbank, I’m interested to join your program, I’ll like to know how long it can take someone like me to get some sales,
      I’m open minded and I would consider myself as a beginner because I never made even one sale

    • Please sir
      Help me i want earn 100 $ per day online. I don’t want to pay any money . I want to earn no affiliate marketing, not freelancer,not any survey like this. Only i want complete task and get paid easly. 100 $ only in 30 minute .
      Pllleeeaaassse sirr help me.
      Please reply

    • I want to do this but I must get a laptop! I’ve never done anything like this before either, can someone like me successful at this?

  1. Anthony is great at systematizing how to be successful. This video is a great introduction. I love all of Anthony’s trainings.

  2. The video was very informative and each one of the steps is actionable. The person watching this video must get the mindset then take action, Great content Anthony.

    • *l i v e o n l i n e j o b. c o m* is too working very well for me. easy Moneys. works from a mobile phone only too!

  3. I have been in and out of affiliate marketing for years now and a perfect description of someone who has been doing it all wrong. I am 2 weeks into the partner with anthony program and really excited about the prospects.
    After each session I am left in awe at the detailed information and leave no stone unturned approach Anthony has.
    This is not a paid ad, I am just so impressed.

  4. This was really a very exciting and informative video, just like all of what Anthony teaches in his program- Partner with Anthony in a step-by-step & systematic approach to learning Internet Marketing and in building a successful online business!:-)

  5. Just got out of a webinar with someone else for Clickbank University Holiday. It was totally awesome but I couldn’t afford the $2700.00 or split 3 payments for the system, however I was given other affordable monthly options. I really wanna thank you for this video because my ability to keep pushing myself forward for more information on ways to get started as an affiliate on a budget.

  6. You’ve given us an easy to understand and succinct series of steps to follow to start in affiliate marketing. I appreciate that you offer all substance, no fluff. You’re a great teacher.

  7. Thanks Anthony 👍 love the down to earth simplicity & clear directions, much appreciated! 💓

  8. Another great video. Thank you for breaking down the strategy. Keep the videos coming. 😁

  9. Another avenue for me to travel down,I love the way you do your training. Thank you Anthony

  10. Great video and i always wanted to know what those numbers/percentage meant on clickbank! I also never knew knew what was good to promote! This was very helpful and i like how you used our PWA ebook from our SC webinar, awesome! Thanks Anthony for all that you do . Michelle Steva-Harley
    #pwastudent #winyoutubebusiness #onamission #nevergiveup

  11. As a Partner With Anthony Member I can attest to the great program it is. Helps beginners get on the right path without spinning their wheels and chasing after the next shinning object! Thanks Anthony

  12. This training is so clear on how to systematically make money online. Thank you for making this process easy to understand.

  13. Thanks Anthony for your straight forthright way you show the simple steps that anyone can do to develop an income online.

  14. Great video Anthony! You’re content never disappoints and is always easy to follow.

  15. Hey Anthony, this is great information.How do you build a mailing list?

  16. Nice video Anthony, you’ve really got me interested! Just a couple of questions: (1) Do you also share the emails you send in your partner program? (2) Any hidden upsells I need to know about?

    • the only thing that he upsells on are the tools that you need to make your email list and help your business grow. They are minimal cost and they come with free trials. He expresses that you can use other programs if you like but they are necessary. you do have to invest in the proper tools to make things work. Just like he states in a lesson, you can start exercising with minimal equipment and you may see some small results but when you actually invest in the proper exercise equipment and you start really taking the necessary actions to use that equipment, make a plan, set up goals, be consistent and take action….thats when the results will come. the program is $7 a month and the tools are $15 and up (a month) which is minimal to start. not only do you get the training from the program but he gives you the offers, the opt in page, the thank you page, email subscribers (if you want to purchase them again for like $40 for 500 subscribers) plus the live podcast every Thursday, the facebook group, and the you tube videos. As you learn and advance, he has other programs that are a little more. If you are like me then you just want to know that it’s real. that there is the ability to make money online. I dont mind investing in something I have to work at, I just want to see results, even if it’s a few dollars because that triggers and ignites (in the serious ones) the motivation and determination to push through and investing in something you believe in becomes easier. The problem is that when things are cheap or free, most people dont really give it much attention because it hasnt cost them much. I however am trying to be the statistic. Good luck in whatever you choose. These days are crazy

  17. Love your style of teaching and support through out my journey. So easy and straight forward to understand

  18. This is such an amazing video! The step by step process is exactly what I need to get me up and running! Thank-You Anthony!!

  19. Hey Anthony. I was wondering what if you send YouTube ads traffic to an affiliate blog website. Will that result in sales without collecting an email?

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