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Clothing is one of our basic needs. Many people can afford to buy new clothes every season and match the current fashion trends. Sadly, most of them do not realize the sad fact that there are also many poor families and homeless people out there who are unable to provide themselves with proper clothing. Donate clothes to charity and do your part in helping the less fortunate.

Many charitable organizations will welcome your clothes donations. When you donate clothes to charity, either families or persons in need will receive your donation directly or the charity will put up your clothes donation for sale and use the proceeds to fund the charity’s programs. You are eligible to a tax deduction when you donate clothes to charity that is registered.

If you would like to donate clothes to charity, please make sure they are clean and usable.
You can donate clothes to charity for specific recipients such as infants, adolescents and adult women who do not have the financial resources to purchase new clothes. There is a great need for women’s clothing donations from corporate attires, formal wear, evening dresses, bridal dresses, to maternity clothes, everyday clothes and plus size clothing. Many women who have undergone breast cancer surgery are also in need of special bras.

There are so many ways to make something good out of your used clothing. Even your old worn out clothes can be of use. While you should avoid donating clothes in bad condition to charities, you can try donating them to animal shelters that can use those items as beddings or towels.

If you only a have a few clothes to donate, you can simply give them to homeless persons on the street who could surely use a jacket or a pair of pants. To donate clothes to charity, you can drop them off at locations specified by the charity or deliver them directly to charities or shelters. Alternatively, most charities are willing to pick up your clothes donation.

Be on the look out for clothing drives at shelters, churches, schools, and other establishments in your community. You can also check the Internet for charity groups that accept clothing donations. Whatever means you use to donate clothes to charity, many people who are in need will indeed appreciate your act. Instead of disposing your used clothing by simply throwing it away, donate your used clothes to charity and help the less privileged today.

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