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Authentic or Charlatan: Anthony Morrison and Adrian Morrison — 37 Comments

  1. Respect and gratitude. You are the future, we are the people, creating real value.

  2. You and Coffeezilla are helping exposing these people. Thank you. I too started youtube to expose tricks and scams from internet gurus. People don’t realize how easy people fall for it especially in desperate times. Keep doing good work

    • _Hey everyone, I’m an internet guru_ ….. Actually NOT, far from it & feel the pain. I have been taken for the ride more than I can count, I am actually am now basically emotionless when it comes to making money online & you want to know the weird part?
      I actually learned how…….Huge amounts of effort & actually providing value to my clients which if you are an easy button person then you will not like because of the following.
      Yes….you have to talk to people.
      Yes….you have to care.
      Yes….you actually have to get results for them also.

    • how dumb are you its not a scam, its called affiliate marketing. He teaches you the basics so you can promote his courses and or branch off to other digital course. For example you can become an affiliate for netflix or even spotify.

    • @Jayden Harrison Spencer addressed those points. You haven’t said anything here that refutes his objections. All you’ve done is say some generic boilerplate nonsense. Do better.

  3. Back in the late 90s/early 2000s when I was into creating websites and online marketing, they called the practice of buying potentially desired business domain names then selling them at higher prices to those who wanted them “cybersquatting”. I think there are laws in place against this now. I am surprised this practice still exists 20 years later.

  4. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much quality content this guy is putting lately

    • Spencer Cornelia Spencer, could you please make a video based on these details:

      1- where these gurus find the lambo, ladies and mansions to sells us the success they have.
      2. Where do they get all these crazy charts making $1,000,000 so easily.
      3. Where do they find these students of them making $100,000 a month.
      4. How do you explain these gurus having massive seminars of people selling these products?
      5. And finally how these marketing videos are so well made that look like a movie filming the ladies and cars and parties.

      Thank you

    • The truth…..they actually do make insane amounts of money.

      As for the charts…remember that they’re only showing income. They aren’t showing expenses. Many of them run huge ad budgets to get the numbers they show.

      While impressive, it isn’t as impressive as you’d think

    • Absolutely. Great work. I like how he didn’t mince his words on Anthony Morrison. Sometimes I feel him and coffeezilla are too soft on these sociopathic scammers.

  5. Very good review!He is definitely one of the original salesfunel gangs out there. Be very cautious with these guys who upsell you whenever they can.

    • Thanks! Yea these guys are upsell King’s. They’ve been known to upsell their kids at the dinner table.

  6. What’s weird is that the internet marketers are right “in theory” like the Tom Brady scenario. You could make money from real estate, dropshipping, amazon, affiliate marketing etc. But you need alot more resources and knowledge that they’re letting on. They make it seem easy when it’s alot of hard work. If only we had real life scenarios that give us an inside on how to really make money instead of the “easy way out” it wouldn’t be so bad

  7. Excellent research Spencer! Now I understand that the true income of these “gurus” is through the sale of their courses and not through the products they sell! Thank you

  8. Great video Spencer. Almost invested in Anthony Morrison and Legendary Marketer too. I believe the same advice would go for Dave Sharpe as well.

  9. I bought Anthony’s PWA course and 4 months later I’ve now quit my day job and work solely online with my own website and still make money from affiliate offers on the side so I can’t agree that Anthony is one of the bad ones as I’m not the only one who got these results. I’ve spoken to others personally who have done far better than me using his courses, yeah he does try to upsell often but the information is genuine and valuable and if you can’t afford it just ignore it.

    I’m most definitely coming across as an Anthony Morrison plant but I didn’t want to see the guy being spoken ill of when I have nothing but positive experiences from using his material. My life is genuinely different since I bought his course and I have tangible results that I can continue to build on

    • Will you be willing to grant me access to your course for some $?.
      I can’t afford the full blown price of the course as a new subscriber.

      I mean if you’ve already used it and digested it chances are it’s just sitting there collecting dust 🤔

  10. Let’s just say it. Nobody can replace Don Lapre. He was the ultimate salesguy with the best salespitch

  11. That “give away something to them”
    I wanted to learn, i was struggling an wanted some income to start coaching and actually help men find their potential.

    I borrowed $1500
    Borrowed another $500
    Got a cash pay for my holidays from work another $600

    The facebook group was filled with people that were confused and was quiet with alot of questions not answered.

    Some still had abition….i doubt they stayed.
    It was the worst investment ever.
    Should have stuck with Jason Capital.

  12. Awesome way to provide synopsis to the audience. Thank God I saw your video. I was about to spend $7 a month. Looking at his own funnel looks like he is another Guru like Dan, John Cristani, Tai Lopez etc. Great to see people like you & Coffeezila uncovering their true faces. Best of luck!

    • You would have done great buying into PWA for $7/month. I have that course and there is a ton of value in that course; way more than $7/month worth. I guess you just can’t please everyone; they give a ton of information free on their webinars every week. Haters are everywhere i guess.

  13. You make a difference on this wild internet marketing jungle. Your work throws a much needed light on these guys that play dirty.

  14. Honestly it seems to be working for them . If I were given an opportunity to make millions at the cost of others , I’d do it

  15. Um, Adrian DOES show you, in detail, how to set up your shopify store. I think the thing that sucks about his program is that he focuses purely on advertising on FB Business Manager. And FB loves to shut down your accounts without valid explanations.

  16. I really love watching your videos ! I love cofeezilla and marco too and I love that all three of you can basically cover same topic and or scumbag yet it’s not like you guys just copied and pasted the others content! I believe what you guys do has to save tons of people from making huge mistakes!! I couldn’t believe how many charlatans were truly out there till now. I’m someone who is just naturally skeptical and don’t believe the hype ever so it’s hard for me to comprehend that some of these people are able to convince people to follow them! Nobody and I mean nobody is going to take whatever secret they supposedly found and teach it to everyone else out of the kindness of their heart! If that was true they would just give the info away instead of charging thousands and sometimes tens of thousands to go to seminar! My favorite is when they talk about big ticket closing (Dan Lok),. WTF does that even mean!? Anyone that falls for this stuff must never of been in sales before? Where are people going to get this big ticket item to sell? The one fake call he does where he tells supposed client it’s going.to cost like $10k for 2hours of his time and his business will magically be more profitable!!! He going to just talk about mind set and boom business is better! Only thing that would happen and he would.be out 2 hours and $10k! What kind of business was he a master at himself? Making up bs and lying to people! Dan Lok especially doesn’t talk about any real skills nor has never successful I business I anything other then selling people a lie and scream! I don’t understand why people dont question anything and just believe what they want them to believe just because they are standing in front of lamborghini and/or mansion. I mean it must be theirs because they said so and took a pic with it right? The only money they have made is from who ever is dumb enough to give it to him!

  17. I purchased amazon FBA course from Tai Lopez back in 2019 where I first saw Adrian. He is very good at telling a script, a storyline. Basically on that course Tai Lopez was introducing Different marketers who have their own courses. Tai’s course was $39 and Adrian’s course was $3000+ so it’s basically Tai will get some commission if someone buy from his course. The way Adrian representing things it’s like his course is the only way to get success. The course was about how to make money starting an E-COM dropshipping business. He said he use pillow profit to make print on demand products.

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