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Anthony Morrison’s Success Connection: #160 — 3 Comments

  1. When is comes to making a landing page I usually give something away free to get them on my list. Mostly a PLR book or video that is related to the niche I am promoting that is license to trade for list. I do like the idea of using video on the page, I have never done that. Also when I make a landing page, I like it to look close the theme of the page of the website that the landing page will take them to. I feel that this makes and easy transition from landing page to website.

  2. I have tried to use the other programs for online income. The tools that you have seem very comprehensive and seem to perform well. The problem I have is putting the steps together so they work and actually either generate something real or actually function. I will look through the youtubes and see if you have something that actually takes you thru step by step. I like your approach and this is the only method that seems realistic and possible.