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Anthony Morrison’s Success Connection #114: Invest in Yourself — 11 Comments

  1. Anthony Morrison, speaker, businessman, entrepreneur and author of the book “The Hidden Millionaire” shares his ideas of how to become more successful by investing in yourself. Before you invest in a thousand other places, invest in yourself. Sound principles for any entrepreneur to follow in order to reach the next level of success.

  2. Invest in yourself in your business. Like taking baseball cards, education, or places that you can control and make some income stream you control. Don’t invest in everybody elses business and not your own. Reach for your goals and trust in yourself.

  3. good vid think anybody taking time out to invest in their selves have already struck an gold mine because your mind is worth all the money in the worked

  4. You have a way with word, sir. You make the words powerful and encouraging. Great video

  5. One of the great things about investing in yourself is that the investment can take so many different forms and so can the ROI. The returns on investing in your own “becoming” will certainly be exponential over time!

  6. We have learned as young adults to invest in our education, then we invest in our home, then we invest in our children, and now I have come a full circle and investing in myself for what I want to do.

  7. yes i do like this and i know you put in alot of hard work doing and i know it takes alot of time

  8. Great video. It is all about investing into “you”. Without educating yourself and training yourself, you will go nowhere. Thanks for all you do.