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Anthony Morrison’s Success Connection #112: Never Allow Yourself to be Complacent — 5 Comments

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  2. I see what you’re trying to say!
    We must be careful to not become complacent…..and guard against “tunnel vision” in our interests!
    And it’s also true that a person gets out of life what they put into it. To do well financially is a wonderful opportunity. It can open doors….and allow for time spent in truly worthy endeavors!
    You found your worthy endeavor in “teaching”! (And we’re ever so grateful you chose to!!!)

  3. nice vid you are dont stick to one thing only because in other words something might happen to the connection that had your income flowing so expand your options in marketing

  4. That’s a good warning. I have to battle complacency in myself, and I haven’t even made money or become comfortable yet. Thanks for all you share of your insight and experience, Anthony!

  5. Thank you Anthony in all you do to help others to achieve their goals. You are a great teacher.