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Anthony Morrison’s Success Connection 106: New Ideas Are There — 14 Comments

  1. Love the videos Anthony!! Love your training. I’m so excited about the Lead Generation Builder Software!

  2. I am currently affiliated with numerous automotive companies like, Auto Anything, ALLData DIY, 4WD.com, etc to sell automotive parts and accessories to customers in that demographic as I am totally interested in “Go Fast.” My good friend owns his own shop(Russell’s Garage) here in Grand Junction, CO.

  3. Great perspective and perception change! Very helpful … I sometimes get caught up in the same approach and forget to step back and walk around (think differently.)

  4. 2nd Principle New Ideas All Around Us. Yes there were a few things on my list that i could use. Love working out. Weight gain products, Picture taking, Videos.Finding some kind of new niche for an affiliate site. Use the tools you already have. Think about it.

  5. I like collecting antique polaroid cameras and i want to go on Ebay or get them check out to see if they work which will increase the price. Another thing i do is crochet flip flops and sell them thanks for helping me use what i have to create a profit

  6. Hi Anthony! How do we protect ideas from being stolen by other people? I’ve had good ideas but were used by other people. No credit to me at all. Is there a way t earn from these? Thanks!

  7. Your video opened my mind! There are several “gadgets” I use around the house that are probably affiliate marketing offers. Thank you.

  8. Anthony Morrison share his insights on how you can improve on your business plan. Become a more successful entrepreneur by listening, watching and learning from this speaker, author, and businessman. What new ideas can you come up with so you can have great success? Watch each week as Anthony shares twelve principles from his book “The Hidden Millionaire”.

  9. When I’ve been asked to answer the question of what I’d do if I had no financial restrictions and had no need to make money from doing this thing, my answer has been the same for years now: I love reading, studying, learning new things, and talking with knowledgeable, but open-minded, free-thinking people. Then I like sharing those ideas, concepts, and understanding with others to help them solve their own problems and develop a sense of wherewithal, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

  10. I recently discovered a young man who’s successfully monetizing an idea very similar to mine. His name is Brian Johnson, and his site is called “PhilosophersNotes.” I’m very much impressed with both what he does and also the way he does it.

  11. My niches have been created by the things I like doing. These are Yoga, Camping, and using sporting goods along with eating good foods. I wanted to sell the things I like because I already know about these subject and how they can help people have a better life. I see so many things around me that I could not live long enough to do this things. Like gardening, building fences, home restoration materials and fixtures, irrigation systems.