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  1. My brother, I am so happy for your father. It shows in his demeanour how thankful and relieved he is to get that second chance. He is so very proud of you, as he should be. Your mother is a beautiful woman. She loves your father beyond measure. She didn’t leave him when he needed her most. That is so prevalent in today’s society. The bond between a father is unbreakable. The love you hold for him is undeniable. When my wife died from cancer, I saw this love from my own son. You are a good man to honor your parents. I, on the other hand, would like to honor my son for being such a God-fearing and wonderful person. He serves the Lord and struggles with his finances but smiles through it all, Trusting in Gods grace and promise. I have self-schooled myself from any and all pros I could find online. I fear I suffer from to much knowledge due to I have tried to learn every possible avenue of e-commerce and marketing skillset. From traffic generation, Copywrite, to SEO. I just want to earn, Keep my word to my Lord and saviour and Help my son and his new family to better serve his calling all awhile receiving the joy in my heart that im sure you feel for helping you best friend”your Father” live the rest of hs live in comfort and security. I would be overwhelmed to become a success that my son could look up.