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Anthony Morrison = #1 Scam Artist or Real Deal? PWA 2019 Works? — 24 Comments

    • Alex, make sure to join TSC Facebook group since you’re part of the family now.

      p.s. Don’t give us a bad rap because of some the programs you have/are associated with.

    • @PROMYROXY why is it funny that I have a male roommate? Wtf stupid

    • If you go through the course you will be able to generate your course which will make you 100,000 a month but you have to put in work and invest a lot of money in your money as business comes with expenses. It is like saying that my friend rented a store for 10,000 but he didn’t put any things in the store and he didn’t open the store my friend is scammed by the real state agent

    • On average 50% commissions but depends on the product. Check inside the platform for exact payouts

    • Alex Zubarev , Sorry, what I meant to ask is how much are these tools and subscription going to cost me to join and maintain each month?

  1. i bing doing this for eight months and havent made any money he as for more money for each step and wast time

  2. i connet to facebook and cant reach him not able get in the facebook group