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3 Affiliate Offers to Promote RIGHT NOW ($53K/Month) — 20 Comments

  1. Thanks, Anthony. Your videos are packed full of valuable information. This is one of the reasons I signed up for the PWA course, which is outstanding. I have learned so much in the last couple of weeks and I am just starting. It isn’t as intimidating when you have a step-by-step guide. I am glad I found this channel!!

  2. Being into partner with attorney back then wen it was started I cancelled the subscription cz of clickfunnels price so high before making sales got stuck
    Any help

  3. I understood for the first time what is an “ecosystem” watching this video, I’ve been in PWA and the Success Connection a few months and didn’t quite grasp it…maybe because I still need to follow up with the program… I unsuscribed from CF twice…I didn’t see its usefulness…😆
    Hope I can put everything together soon and get a little bit of that income myself…
    Thanks for your help..

  4. First of all I would like to thank you for sharing ALL that you do. It’s such a selfless thing that is hard to find in people these days! So I’ve joined Partner with Anthony. Where do I go now? Thank you again and you and yours stay blessed! Sincerely appreciate you!

  5. I’m beginning to understand! This is amazing! 🙂 I am feeling grateful that I followed my inspiration to join PWA (Partner With Anthony).

  6. Anthony thank you so much! I am in the middle of the PWA course and I have learned so much more from you than any other course I have taken. I feel like this is exactly what I needed!!!

  7. Unfortunately, I’m just learning that they aren’t really too concerned about keeping things secure. The portal to the training – and perhaps one or two other of the pages they send you to – does not have an SSL certificate on it.

    For those who don’t know what I mean, it means you’ll get an alert that the site – either on the page or in the browser bar – that shows it isn’t secure. One of those pages is where you’re supposed to add your email, and create a password and another is an email prompting you to setup your account.

    When I brought it to their attention they just said it doesn’t need to be because there’s no personal info being stored. My email and a password is being stored! That is personal information. Additionally the reason for SSL is to encrypt the connection between your computer and a website you’re visiting. Essentially, your info is traveling across the internet in plaintext (i.e., readable) format that cybercriminals can intercept, read, and modify in transit. While it’s not the ONLY protection that’s needed and it doesn’t mean the site is totally secure anyway, it’s the starting point.

    Hopefully this just brings some awareness to a potential issue for anyone who is signing up for this, because I know many that he’s reaching out to with this campaign are new to all of this.

  8. Anthony, your suggestion here is brilliant, however, on a personal note I have had bad experiences with 2 out of 3 of them. Could this concept be adapted (for example) to Builderall and Unbounce?

  9. Hi Tony. Thanks . Please how can I get in for free and promote this product. I will later subscribe for it since I don’t have money to invest but I can promote buy creating videos on YouTube to get people into this. Kindly help. I want to be part of this.

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